Unleashing value and turning it into profit

Diagnose: In the diagnose phase, the executive (C-level) team is involved in defining the case for change, the sense of urgency and the vision for the future. Based on the strategy canvas, key strategic choices and required operational capabilities are prepared. At this stage, the organisation has to  select the right people who will be part of the implementation team.

Operationalise: The implementation team will work on fine-tuning the strategy canvas, operationalising the required capabilities and preparing for launch. Deliverables of the Go-to-Market workshop will be the roadmap to launch, clarity on the roles and responsibilities (RASCI chart), blueprints for various sales channels and measures for success (KPI's - key performance indicators).

Execute & Monitor: After launch b2bAlive will monitor progress and will (virtually) coach the  team during the execution phase. 

Review: Since it is expected that execution is prioritised taking quick wins first, multiple campaign phases are expected. After each phase a review is undertaken  to trigger continuous improvement of the results. The evaluation has to result in deep learnings as input for (re)design of a next phase.

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